What is happening? where is my rank and my spells? someone explain to me? where is ALL?
Can we please ban pussy lord, he's spamming the server so much right now,even when the server files may be courupted, and I hate his name... :)
whats happening to the server glitch! im trapped in my fac home which is shit!
Just calm down,Ali,it's 4am for Coolade now so just wait until tomorrow or something,if you didn't know Coolade has school and 2 jobs,including this on his hands so have patience,he'll fix it sooner or later.
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As many of you have noticed you do not receive VotePoints when you are voting, this is because you have not linked your account to Enjin OR you are a Cracked player. If you are Cracked or are not receiving VotePoints just send me (Coolade) a message telling me when you have reached 24 Votes and I will manually add you the rank.
JagExPro Do you have to remember how much time you voted for cracked members?
itscake123 Ali My total Vote is 93! because sometimes i voted 5, 4, 6 that's why my vote is 93!.
Ali_74u Why 24 points is that the max? for a week? Isn't it 42 becz u can vote 6 times a day for 7 days?

Vote Points

[Owner] Coolade a posted Feb 5, 14
I have updated the server vote links, and players will earn 2 Diamonds and 1 Vote Point for each website that they vote on. Vote Points will be used to purchase bundles from the Shop tab. Currently the main item that Vote Point based item will be the rank: TopVoter.
Ali_74u i haven't got points for voting i voted 6 times
Master_Yoda273 Also I've received no diamonds ...
Master_Yoda273 Hey Coolade, I've voted 36 times and I have 0 vote points, could you please put them in for me :3
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