Coolade, make me the Top Player and Top Voter now. Pls
help :(
I just went on after school and im banned what happen D;
Did i get banned or something?! im banned from server!
FrostWing with all due respect, i know what a literral durian is :3 its a delicacy in my country....and if that was a joke, forgive me XD i tend to take things literally
You do not have access to shout

Connection Issues

[Owner] Coolade a posted Jul 2, 14
Due to some issues with the .zapto domain I had to switch it to a new domain. From now on use to connect to the server.
videog4mer The IP still doesnt work for me.
TheSmier_ when is the server going down???
RadioWave_21 x is the server going down
Bombs: The following jobs unlock throwable bombs (eggs) at level 10.
Survivalist - Applies blindness and slow to enemies in a radius of 6.
Warrior - Burns entities for 8 seconds in a radius of 6, and spawns a PigZombie that will attack a nearby player or monster.
WitchDoctor - Applies Wither 2 for 4 seconds to enemies in a radius of 6, and spawns 3 WitherSkeletons that attack players.
Miner - Launches 6 large explosions that trail off in different directions.
Fisherman - Instantly applies lightning to all entities in a radius of 6, and randomly spawns lightning in a radius of 6 for the following 7 seconds.
BlackSmith - Spawns a large quantity of anvils that crush enemies in a radius of 5.
There is a 10 second cooldown before you can use another bomb.

Arrow Cycling: If you have multiple types of arrows in your inventory, eg: Regular, Beast, Explosive, Comet, Poison, Skeleton, then you can cycle between all of the arrows by left clicking with a bow.
If your bow has infinity then it will only apply to Regular arrows, not custom arrows.

Exp Trading: When right-clicking an enchantment table with a glass bottle, or an empty bucket, you get an item that saves the exp. You can save the items in a chest to prevent exp loss when dying, and sell the items on the market for cash.

__Squid__ it's laggy from the pop-ups
__Squid__ when the website lags I can't use the shoutbox
__Squid__ website has a lot of pop-ups
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